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Green Energy

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    We want to live on a healthy, peaceful planet. A planet where forests flourish, oceans are full of life and where once-threatened animals safely roam. Where our quality of life is measured in relationships, not things we have or own.
    Wind Power

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    Solar Energy

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    Biomass Power

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    Geothermal Energy

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    Recycling Energy

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    Home Solutions

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    Our clients

    A tremendous help!
    I’ve always wanted to join a community that takes care of it’s environment and Greenergy did just that!
    John Waterton
    Very impressed!
    To help conserve the planet was my long lasting dream and I’ve joined the Greenergy NGO to do just that.
    Brenda McIntosh
    An excellent solution!
    Greenergy team proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our business enegry savings, and it helped us!
    Jessica Peel